Waldgeflüster – Ruinen (Black Metal)


One of Germany’s pride within the black metal scene Waldgeflüster is back with their fourth full-length album Ruinen. The somewhat funny band name translates as “Forest Whispers”. Which goes well along their lyrical theme about nature. Ruinen is solely in German and will be hard to understand for most (just like Moonsorrow can be for anyone who isn’t from Finland) but Ruinen is one of those albums were you can just be taken in by the atmosphere of the music.

Not only does the name fit their music but as does the album cover, which has to be one of the best ones this year. It captures the essence of the bands work and just looking at it you can tell what you are about to experience. I wish I knew German before starting to listen to this as I would of course want to go in depth on the song-writing, as I am sure they are wonderful, but I can’t. Ruinenfelder is a great example on what feels like it has such powerful lyrics going but I just can’t understand them, which in a way makes me not being able to review his album as I would have liked to. As stated before though the atmosphere reel you in and the musicianship is great so you can just dig to the guitar riffs and still be satisfied even if you got no idea what they sing about (but you might get an idea).

Only real downside I have for this album is the length of the songs. Most of them are around 10 minutes long and to get the listener committed to the song for that long you need something extra, which they sure managed to do on for example Trümmerfestung. Which for me is the best track on the album but sadly not all songs keeps me as engaged as that one. Sometimes less is more but that’s just my personal preference. All in the all album is a good listen and if you know German I am sure you will get an even better experience than I did.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BlackMetalWaldgefluester
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/_waldgefluester
For fans of: Saor and Panopticon
Favorite song: Trümmerfestung


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