Desolator – Spawn of Misanthropy (Death Metal)


Can’t wait for the new Vader album to be released? Don’t worry I got just the thing to help you out! Desolator plays an old school death metal sound very similar to Vader but with some more swedish death metal touches to it. Not saying they are a Vader copy or anything like that but they certainly got some influences by them. Not that that’s a bad thing though.

It’s a shame I am just listening to an EP since this is so good I want them to release their second full-length (Unearthly Monument being their first) already! Spawn of Misanthropy is four tracks, 22 minutes, of mangling old school death metal that gets every true metalheads headbanging until you break. Sadly with it only being 22 minutes long you won’t even get sore after listening to this, it’s more of a tease.

Spawn of Misanthropy gives you a taste of what Desolator got coming for you once they get their full-length out. It’s a burst of brutality that grooves like a motherfucker and it will leave you craving for more.

For fans of: Vader and Autopsy
Favorite song: Dark Epitaph


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