Freya – Grim (Melodic Death Metal)


Freya are no newcomers to the metal scene, having formed in 2001 and their latest full-length Grim is the bands fifth release. New for this record is that the band have recruited the well known drummer Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth, Soilwork, Aborted etc) with Karl Buechner and co are now being more than ready to reach new grounds with Grim since their latest release Paragon Of The Crucible being the bands best one so far.

The name Freya might make you think the band will be playing Amon Amarth or Enslaved kind of music but they are not. Instead they take a more melodic death metal approach sounding more like Soilwork (Dirk influences?) and God Forbid. Even the lyrical theme isn’t within the Norse mythology realm as, like the name of the album says, it features Grimm folktales.

I really enjoy listening to their Grimm folktales and the musicianship of the band shines throughout the album. Adding Dirk has done Freya good and Grim is the bands best release so far.

For fans of: Soilwork and God Forbid
Favorite song: To Pyre with Them All

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