AmongRuins – No Light (Melodic Death Metal)


Greek metal outfit AmongRuins second full-length No Light since their debut Bring Out Your Dead in 2012 offers some killer riffs, speed and agressive rhythm brought together with great songwriting. The songwriting especially gets to me as it has a lot to do what everyone goes through in their daily life and it just feels real. Add the great music that comes with it and you got yourself the ingredients of an awesome album.

I am honestly quite shocked that AmongRuins isn’t known to a wider audience than they are. This album is definitely one of the better ones I’ve heard this year and a real surprise. Not often I find melodic death metal that doesn’t feel worn out these days. However AmongRuins surely shows it can still be done with No Light.

For fans of: Wolfheart and Before the Dawn
Favorite song: We Will Fight


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