Infecting the Swarm – Abyss (Brutal Death Metal)


Germany’s Infecting the Swarm recently released their second full-length Abyss after getting off to a nice start with the debut Pathogenesis. The bands brutal sci-fi death metal instantly makes you think of bands such as Putridity, Coprocephalic and Wormed. It’s fast, it’s brutal and got no clean vocals.

The drumming really sticks out for me on this album. It changes phase and drum beats so often it’s almost mathcore Meshuggah style, organized chaos. It’s beautiful to listen to and I just focus on the drumming this whole album and I would still enjoy it. Good thing is though now it’s packed with even more awesomeness, as the drumming gels really well together with the guitar play and vocals. Only downside I see to the vocals is that they are kind of monotone and I wouldn’t mind if Hannes used some more styles on his growling.

All in all Infecting the Swarm – Abyss is a great brutal death metal album. What makes it even better is that it is a solo project made by Hannes. When I first set my teeth to the album I had no idea about this. I just thought it was some talented musicians from Germany creating music from the abyss. This album being made by one man is just madness. A great achievement and I suggest you look into Infecting the Swarm today!

For fans of: Putridity and Coprocephalic
Favorite song: Spiral Fragmentation

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