Uada – Devoid of Light (Melodic Black Metal)


American Uada’s debut Devoid of Light actually popped up on my Spotify discover weekly, not often I get new bands I haven’t heard about before on that list so well done Spotify. Anyways lets start with what I usually do when the band name seems to have a meaning, what does it actually mean? Well Uada is Latin for haunted, sounds black metal enough right? Check. The album cover is one of the nicest looking ones I’ve seen since I started this blog. It reeks of black metal and death.

The music then? The theme of the song-writing is what you expect from a black metal band, which is about Paganism and Darkness. Not very satanic, but it doesn’t have to be either to be good black metal (well maybe if you are from Norway and want it all raw from the dark woods while praying to Satan). The songs on this album differs quite a bit, which is a good thing. You got your Dissection influences in Devoid of Light, Mgła in Natus Eclipsim. Nothing ground breaking, but yet again it doesn’t have to be in order to be considered good music.

To me what matters is, did I have a great time listening to this album? Will I listen to it again? If both answers are yes then I think the album is good enough to recommend to someone. Uada – Devoid of Light certainly falls into this category as I did enjoy the, sadly rather short and on the verge of being called EP, 33 minutes I spent with the album. And I will definitely listen to it again since the diversity on the album really got me wanting to get back time and time again.

This is good melodic black metal with various influences mixed well together in everlasting darkness. An American tribute to the old school melodic black metal.

For fans of: Dissection and Mgła
Favorite song: Devoid of Light
YouTube – Devoid of Light


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