Hellbringer – Awakened From the Abyss (Trash Metal)


Lets starts with saying trash metal is not my favorite genre, I don’t really listen to it much these days as I used to. So my mindset when sitting down with Hellbringer’s second full-length Awakened From the Abyss may not have been the best. However! These Australians brings life back in my old trash bones as they blasts chaotic trash metal just like the trash legends Slayer. I see Awakened From the Abyss as some sort of tribute to the raw but yet high quality chaos old school trash metal.

And man do they do it well. The riffs going on I just can’t get enough of, it’s angry as fuck and it comes at you in high speed. If you are like me and have strayed from the path of trash then let Hellbringer bring you right back in as they Awakened From the Abyss. A modern trash classic.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Hellbringeraus
For fans of: Slayer and Sodom
Favorite song: Dark Overseer


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