Blade of Horus – Monumental Massacre (Brutal/Technical Death Metal)


The Australians are busy with pumping out good brutal tech death as I have set my teeth into yet another band from the country, Blade of Horus. The band started as Eviscerator in 2011 but renamed itself to Blade of Hours last year. Monumental Massacre is the bands debut EP, my first non-full-length review. As you might tell by the name of the band Blade of Horus (Horus being an Egyptian God) their lyrics is mainly about Egyptian, and Greek, mythology but also feautures Sci-Fi and tells a quite cool story to be honest. Could almost be made into a movie. A sick and twisted movie.

Music wise Blade of Horus brings everything you wish for in a brutal tech death album, sick riffs, demonic growling and both fast-tempo and down-tempo style that mixes well together. I can’t wait to hear what Blade of Hours debut full-length will sound like. If it is close to the quality of songs the Monumental Massacre EP delivers then we are all in for a hell of a ride.

For fans of: Aversions Crown and Born of Osiris
Favorite song: Return of the Dark Gods


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