Signs of the Swarm – Senseless Order (Deathcore)


First things that strikes me with Signs of the Swarm is their incredible cool logo. Very deathcore brutal like but also looks like a wasp. Freaking awesome. These five angry dudes comes from Pittsburgh, PA and let me tell you, they sure play brutal. The band came from nowhere for me and Senseless Order is their debut, not releasing any EP’s or before their full-length. So I had no idea what to look forward to before I started listening to Senseless Order.

They should have warned me though. They can’t just release a behemoth of an album like this out of nowhere! I need to prepare for this kind of brutality. The album starts off ruthless and only really slows down when Hour of Abhorrence comes on, as there are some segments that plays a bit slower down-tempo Black Tongue kind of style from there on. Then it goes back into full throttle mode at times and it feels like CJ McCreery and co just became even more evil and started mixing different tempo’s really well going all demonic on our asses.

I really like this album. I think it mixes Enterprise Earth and Black Tongue’s deathcore styles really well and fans of both down-tempo and fast brutal deathcore can look into Signs of the Swarm – Senseless Order to find this being right up their alley.

For fans of: Enterprise Earth and Black Tongue
Favorite song: The Following


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