Veilburner – The Obscene Rite (Black/Death Metal)


United States Veilburner have been very active and The Obscene Rite is the bands third album since they formed in 2014, very uncommon especially for black metal bands. A big reason for the quick releases has to do with the band seeing their releases as a trilogy, not someting I can say from the top of my head I’ve got in contact with music wise. The trilogy tells a story on the subject of transhumanism. A lyrical theme about two eccentric characters conducting strange experiments to achieve immortality.

Their style differs a lot from what I’ve listened to in the past when it comes to black metal. Not only do Veilburner infuse death metal into it but they are also influenced by industrial, psychedelic and prog music. Most of all they got a very horrifying sound going on. Like really, Freddy Kruger would listen to this kind of music while going on a killer rampage. It is kind of chaotic at times, but in a cool disturbing metal way and just adds to that evil presence the album has.

If you are after a horrific experience in the psychedelic and experimental way then grab Veilburner’s latest release The Obscene Rite today!

For fans of: Deathspell Omega and Dodheimsgard
Favorite song: Eucharist Of The Breathing Abyss

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