Destroying the Devoid – Paramnesia (Progressive Death Metal)


Destroying the Devoid is one of the latest additions to the great roster at Unique Leader Records. Created as a solo project by Craig Peters to compose material beyond the traditional confines of technical death metal according to Unique Leader Records website. The opening track Chasm of Existence starts of as a normal tech death song but eventually becomes way more than that as it gets into the symphonic field and I even think some parts resemble old school gaming sound, really cool stuff. Carnivale Nocturno makes me instantly think of clowns, especially Pennywise. You just need to listen to the opening minute and you will get why. The song reeks of fear and gives me chills like from the old movie IT.

The whole album keeps changing tempo from tech death to progressive and symphonic, creating a rather unique mix that Peters was looking for. Beyond the Dark Veil part 1 to 3 are just beautiful. Starts off with an instrumental track that sets the mood on what is to come, which is just great progressive death metal. I think it’s good Unique Leader Records have added a new band like Destroying the Devoid to their roster as Peters got a really cool sound going and I hope he keeps this up.

For fans of: Black Crown Initiate and Ne Obliviscaris
Favorite song: Beyond the Dark Veil, Pt. II: Into the Darkness Beyond


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