NecroabortioN – The Mutation Process (Brutal Death Metal)


Second album of Argentinian Death Metal band NecroabortioN comes eight years after their debut Brutal Misanthropy, after having some problems with their lineup. Those problems are over now though and it certainly hasn’t stopped NecroabortioN from creating some great brutal death metal, maybe even made them even madder to create better music? NecroabortioN’s sound definitely has a lot of resemblance to the old school American sound with technical brutal death metal riffs and fast tempo all the way. It’s hard to take out a single song from the album that sticks out since it has a really good level throughout. If I had to though I would say Horrid Crossbreed is a perfect example how to create good old school brutal death metal that has all the ingredients.

I love myself some old school death metal, as you might have realised from my past reviews, and NecroabortioN really delivers the groovy riffs I love and the wicked speedy up-tempo with great solos and growling. I am happy NecroabortioN seems to have everything in order now and their comeback with the new roster is great. Give me more Argentinian brutal gore metal soon please!

For fans of: Suffocation and Dying Fetus
Favorite song: Horrid Crossbreed


Invent, Animate – Stillworld (Metalcore)


Stillworld is the follow-up from Invent, Animate’s debut Everchanger, an album that was well received by the metalcore community. Invent, Animate has a somewhat unique style of metalcore, very technical and can be hardcore but yet you feel calm when listening to them. A lot of screamo and clean singing but also have low-range growling. Invent, Animate has to be one of the better metalcore bands to come out in the later years and Stillworld is even better than their debut. There are a lot of good tracks with variety to them. You have your instrumental track Solace, the more progressive and technical track Dead Roots, and your sort of metalcore ballad in Soul Sleep, apart from the “more standard” metalcore that is.

Invent, Animate is an exiting band to follow in the metalcore scene and Stillworld is an album every fan of the genre should get.

For fans of: Architects and Northlane
Favorite song: White Wolf

Omophagia – In the Name of Chaos (Brutal Death Metal)


Yet another band under the Unique Leader Records label that’s here to kick some ass! Omophagia is a Swiss Brazilian Death Metal band from Switzerland and In the Name of Chaos is their follow-up album to their debut Guilt by Nescience. If you wonder where the name of the band comes from it’s actually rather brutal, it is the consumption of raw flesh. In the Name of Chaos is mixed and mastered at Hertz Studio in Poland (Decapitated, Vader, Behemoth, Hate etc.) which shows Omophagia means business with this release.

You can expect some very speedy brutal death metal from Omophagia that doesn’t go outside the box of death metal but sometimes you don’t have to, you just need to do the basics really well. I wouldn’t mind if they added a track or two, or even added some more riffs or drumming to their current tracks to make the album a bit longer but this is really grasping at straws. Either way Omophagia – In the Name of Chaos is an album that offers good death metal and I look forward to hear more from them in the future.

For fans of: Obscura and Aborted
Favorite song: The Dominant

Far Beyond – A Frozen Flame of Ice (Symphonic Death Metal)


German band Far Beyond is a solo project of Eugen Dodenhoeft that’s been active since 2001. A Frozen Flame of Ice is Far Beyond’s second full-length album. Far Byond touches many genres with their epic metal. Symphonic metal, power metal, melodic death metal and even bits of gothic and black metal is the sound coming from A Frozen Flame of Ice. If I had to put a label on them though I would say the main influence is Symphonic Death Metal. Taken five years to release the album the album is very well produced and Eugen has left nothing half-done. Everything from the clean vocals, growling to guitar riffs (A Frozen Flame of Ice 5 min in is mint) and songwriting is spot on.

Very beautiful album that expresses many different emotions. If you are a fan of Finnish legends Eternal Tears of Sorrow and Wintersun then check out Far Beyond and their latest album A Frozen Flame of Ice.

For fans of: Eternal Tears of Sorrow and Wintersun
Favorite song: A Frozen Flame of Ice

Downfall of Nur – Umbras de Barbagia (Atmospheric Black Metal)


Oh some black metal from Argentina? How cool. Downfall of Nur was formed in 2013 by Antonio Sanna as a solo project and Umbras de Barbagia is his full-length debut album. The album consists of only five tracks (one being an intro even) but the whole album is still 54min long. Heavily influenced by folklore, paganism and nature in the lyrical theme the whole sound of the album reflects the theme as it is very raw atmospheric black metal with a lot of folk tunes to it. The sound reminds a lot of Agalloch but also makes me think of Ghost Bath but still keep a unique sound. Downfall of Nur changes tempo really well on the songs and the vocals adds to that ambiance and folk feeling.

For fans of: Ghost Bath and Agalloch
Favorite song: Umbras de Barbagia

Frosthelm – The Endless Winter (Black/Thrash Metal)


Being from North Dakota where the weather is rather extreme both the name of the band, Frosthelm, and album title, The Endless Winter, makes a lot of sense. Formed in 2009 by rather new faces in the metal scene for me The Endless Winter is the bands full-length debut and wow they’ve managed to stun me. Think if Skeletonwitch meet Taake and have a love affair in the winter, has to be in the winter, which results in a new breed of evil, there you will find Frosthelm being left on the northern wastes angry as fuck and ready to create music that will slay their parents. Everything from the riffs, vocals, drumming and production is hitting the spot. Doesn’t matter if you like black metal or trash metal, this is such a great mix and creates a rather unique sound I am sure it will get fans from both sides and even new ones who didn’t even knew they liked it in the first place!

One of the biggest surprises to me this year and deserves a spot in every metalheads collection.

For fans of: Skeletonwitch and Taake
Favorite song: Silent and Dark, the Everlasting Sky

The Howling Void – The Triumph of Ruin (Funeral Doom Metal)


Ryan Wilson’s solo project The Howling Void has been going for some time now, since 2007, where he has released some epic long tracks more often than not reaching the 10min mark. With The Triumph of Ruin he has taken a bit different direction though, no song is over 8min long (or well 8:06) and the album is more inspired by folk and black metal. Fear not though, this is still a very atmospheric and intense album filled with darkness and doom. It’s just a bit different than what you might expect from the typical The Howling Void album, but not a 180 turn exactly. I for one think this is a great step to take, the folk and black metal touches makes the whole experience better and more varied than past albums. Definitely worth looking into if you want the world around you to stop existing, if just for a moment.

For fans of: Dreams After Death and Shape of Despair
Favorite song: The Nine Worlds Wept