Anno Domini – The Cold Expanse (Symphonic Black/Death Metal)


Australian Anno Domini is another veteran band I’ve come across lately turning 11 years old this year. Having only released one full-length album prior to The Cold Expanse however I might forgive myself for not knowing about them until now. This is one of the very few black/death albums I’ve review, maybe the only one even, that has some clean singing to it. The Cold Expanse starts very epic symphonic black almost Dimmu Borgir meets Ne Obliviscaris like, then change to clean singing but still keeps being heavy. I have to say it works and makes them a bit different than your typical symphonic black metal band, eventhough I think some songs got a bit too much clean vocals to them for being a black/death metal album. The songs really change character well, a trait not many bands try to do, Artificial Divine Intelligence for example got some Egyptian sounding touches to it whereas Primordium got no clean singing at all and is more towards the standard symphonic black metal sound.

Want to experience how it would sound like if Australian black metal had a baby with Norwegian black metal then Anno Domini’s The Cold Expanse is worth looking into.

For fans of: Ne Obliviscaris and Dimmu Borgir
Favorite song: Primordium


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