Miasmal – Tides of Omniscience (Death Metal)


Time for some Swedish Old School Death Metal! The band themselves aren’t really old but they are heavy influenced by the old school sound bands like Grave and Entombed had in the later 80’s/early 90’s, with a touch of trash metal. Everything you wish for is there as an Swedish old school death metal fan. The riffs, grooviness, solos, bad-ass vocals with lyrics about death and darkness.

Take caution though, there is no way in hell you listen to this album without headbanging! Every song goes with a guitar solo and drum beat even legends like Entombed or Slayer would be proud of is simply nothing any metalhead can just sit still to. It’s almost like the Venomous Harvest has really made the atmosphere poisonous and you just become a headbanging monster while listening to Miasmal. Yes there were some puns intended with the band and a track name in that sentence, sorry I just had to!

Anyways jokes aside Miasmal has released a sweet album with that old school feeling which is flirting with legends like Slayer, Grave and Entombed. Go grab it metalhead!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/miasmal
For fans of: Grave and Entombed
Favorite song: The Pilgrimage


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