The Dialectic – The Dialectic (Deathcore)


Mitch Howie, remember that name as his vocals are some of the best I’ve ever heard. I can understand that he’s won an award for his Whitechapel cover’s because wow is this top tier stuff that can stand against deathcore legends like them. He seems to be able to hit everything right with ease. Bring Mitch together with three other talented musicians and you got yourself a beast of a deathcore band.

The self titled album of The Dialectic is the bands debut after earlier releasing two EP’s. You got all your deathcore ingredients here, ruthless breakdowns, metallic riffs and sweet grooves. No down-tempo here but straight up deathcore with brutal death metal and speedy slamming.

Together with Osiah’s Terror Firma album this is definitely the best deathcore debut of the year so far.

For fans of: Whitechapel and A Night in Texas
Favorite song: Misbegotten One


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