NecroabortioN – The Mutation Process (Brutal Death Metal)


Second album of Argentinian Death Metal band NecroabortioN comes eight years after their debut Brutal Misanthropy, after having some problems with their lineup. Those problems are over now though and it certainly hasn’t stopped NecroabortioN from creating some great brutal death metal, maybe even made them even madder to create better music? NecroabortioN’s sound definitely has a lot of resemblance to the old school American sound with technical brutal death metal riffs and fast tempo all the way. It’s hard to take out a single song from the album that sticks out since it has a really good level throughout. If I had to though I would say Horrid Crossbreed is a perfect example how to create good old school brutal death metal that has all the ingredients.

I love myself some old school death metal, as you might have realised from my past reviews, and NecroabortioN really delivers the groovy riffs I love and the wicked speedy up-tempo with great solos and growling. I am happy NecroabortioN seems to have everything in order now and their comeback with the new roster is great. Give me more Argentinian brutal gore metal soon please!

For fans of: Suffocation and Dying Fetus
Favorite song: Horrid Crossbreed


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