Invent, Animate – Stillworld (Metalcore)


Stillworld is the follow-up from Invent, Animate’s debut Everchanger, an album that was well received by the metalcore community. Invent, Animate has a somewhat unique style of metalcore, very technical and can be hardcore but yet you feel calm when listening to them. A lot of screamo and clean singing but also have low-range growling. Invent, Animate has to be one of the better metalcore bands to come out in the later years and Stillworld is even better than their debut. There are a lot of good tracks with variety to them. You have your instrumental track Solace, the more progressive and technical track Dead Roots, and your sort of metalcore ballad in Soul Sleep, apart from the “more standard” metalcore that is.

Invent, Animate is an exiting band to follow in the metalcore scene and Stillworld is an album every fan of the genre should get.

For fans of: Architects and Northlane
Favorite song: White Wolf


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