Downfall of Nur – Umbras de Barbagia (Atmospheric Black Metal)


Oh some black metal from Argentina? How cool. Downfall of Nur was formed in 2013 by Antonio Sanna as a solo project and Umbras de Barbagia is his full-length debut album. The album consists of only five tracks (one being an intro even) but the whole album is still 54min long. Heavily influenced by folklore, paganism and nature in the lyrical theme the whole sound of the album reflects the theme as it is very raw atmospheric black metal with a lot of folk tunes to it. The sound reminds a lot of Agalloch but also makes me think of Ghost Bath but still keep a unique sound. Downfall of Nur changes tempo really well on the songs and the vocals adds to that ambiance and folk feeling.

For fans of: Ghost Bath and Agalloch
Favorite song: Umbras de Barbagia

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