Frosthelm – The Endless Winter (Black/Thrash Metal)


Being from North Dakota where the weather is rather extreme both the name of the band, Frosthelm, and album title, The Endless Winter, makes a lot of sense. Formed in 2009 by rather new faces in the metal scene for me The Endless Winter is the bands full-length debut and wow they’ve managed to stun me. Think if Skeletonwitch meet Taake and have a love affair in the winter, has to be in the winter, which results in a new breed of evil, there you will find Frosthelm being left on the northern wastes angry as fuck and ready to create music that will slay their parents. Everything from the riffs, vocals, drumming and production is hitting the spot. Doesn’t matter if you like black metal or trash metal, this is such a great mix and creates a rather unique sound I am sure it will get fans from both sides and even new ones who didn’t even knew they liked it in the first place!

One of the biggest surprises to me this year and deserves a spot in every metalheads collection.

For fans of: Skeletonwitch and Taake
Favorite song: Silent and Dark, the Everlasting Sky


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