The Howling Void – The Triumph of Ruin (Funeral Doom Metal)


Ryan Wilson’s solo project The Howling Void has been going for some time now, since 2007, where he has released some epic long tracks more often than not reaching the 10min mark. With The Triumph of Ruin he has taken a bit different direction though, no song is over 8min long (or well 8:06) and the album is more inspired by folk and black metal. Fear not though, this is still a very atmospheric and intense album filled with darkness and doom. It’s just a bit different than what you might expect from the typical The Howling Void album, but not a 180 turn exactly. I for one think this is a great step to take, the folk and black metal touches makes the whole experience better and more varied than past albums. Definitely worth looking into if you want the world around you to stop existing, if just for a moment.

For fans of: Dreams After Death and Shape of Despair
Favorite song: The Nine Worlds Wept


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