The Schoenberg Automaton – Apus (Technical Death Metal)


Australias The Schoenberg Automaton debut Vela came down as meteor three years ago and laid the foundation of a very promising band. Apus is the bands follow-up album that keeps the very brutal mix of technical death metal and almost atmospheric Fallujah sound blended in a perfect mix. I’ve always been caught by the bands songwriting as to me personally the lyrical theme of the worlds existence and evolution has always had an extra interest and depth in it. The Schoenberg Automaton keeps that up as they take you to a world not too different from ours but makes you question, well everything you thought you knew.

Apus is one hell of an album and if The Schoenberg Automaton keeps releasing this caliber of albums they will just continue to carve their way into being one of Australias biggest extreme metal exports.

For fans of: Man Must Die and Fallujah
Favorite song: Praise The Sun


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