Dawn of Demise – The Suffering (Death Metal)


Following in the footsteps of the Danish death metal scene that the likes of Illdisposed and Hatesphere started we have Dawn of Demise. Definitely one of the hardest bands to ever come from Denmark Dawn of Demise plays death metal just as good and heavy as their peers. Also within the Unique Leader Records label as so many other great death metal bands I’ve had the luck to review since I started this blog. Scott Jensen is killing it with his wide range of growling, Bastian Thusgaard makes a wicked debut as the bands drummer, as does Astor Kristian Palsson on guitar, whereas the old core bass/guitar duo Martin Sørensen and Bjørn Jensen creates just as slick riffs as ever.

The Suffering is yet another good release from Dawn of Demise, even with the changes in the bands roster they haven’t lost their touch.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dawnofdemise
For fans of: Illdisposed and Six Feet Under
Favorite song: The Process of Killing


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