Osiah – Terror Firma (Deathcore)


Wow, I am surprised to hear a band release an full-lenght debut as brutal as Osiah have done. Because fuck me is Terror Firma just brutal deathcore in its purest form, no bullshit just mutilating people full speed with a bulldozer. That’s how heavy this is. I mean holy shit they got the slow-tempo down like they were Black Tongue on the Brokden track then they just speed it up with a relentless assault Thy Art is Murder style on the next track Street Justice. Osiah is simply the complete package of extreme brutal metal. Some of the growling Ricky Lee Roper manage to do I’ve never even heard before (1min into Brokden, what the fuck is that even!?).

Whatever you do, do NOT miss this album! You might think deathcore is dull but I tell you that it’s bands like Osiah that tells you to shut the fuck up about the label deathcore and listen to our badass music instead!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/osiahuk
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/osiahband
For fans of: Thy Art is Murder and Carnifex
Favorite song: Brokden


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