Anicon – Exegeses (Black Metal)


Exegeses is the debut album from the American black metal band Anicon, after having done two EP’s before. Anicon follows the formula of what you can expect from a good “United States Black Metal” (USBM for short) band. It’s very atmospheric, got a lot of depth to it worth more than one listening as you will experience new things each time. Instead of being on the more brutal side of black metal, Exegeses is more about the progressive melodic side. The album could almost be purely instrumental (for example the 3 min opening on Mazzaroth is awesome) and I would love it but Owen Rundquist (Swedish descendant?) puts on some great vocals when needed and it doesn’t get in the way of atmosphere and great riffs Anicon pulls off.

If you are a fan of USBM then check out Anicon’s debut Exegeses and let them take you in to their world of darkness.

For fans of: Yellow Eyes and Wayfarer
Favorite song: From Teeth, From Tongue


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