Behexen – The Poisonous Path (Black Metal)


Behexen is one of the bands that started the black metal wave coming from Finland and really put the country on the map for the genre. Behexen does take its sweet time between releases as The Poisonous Path is only the bands 5th full-lenght album since they formed in 1996 (or well 1994 as Lords of the Left Hand). Once Behexen does get a release out though it is always very demonical and satanic, some of the rawest black metal out there. You can tell they live in the dark and cold place called Finland. The Poisonous Path is no exception as it makes you experience the occult and feel like your in some black magic ritual. Just the way you want to feel after listening to some real old school black metal.

For fans of: Gorgoroth and Sargeist
Favorite song: Umbra Luciferi


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