Fejd – Trolldom (Folk Metal)


Lets say this straight from the start, Fejd has to be one of the best folk metal bands going. Can’t get much more folk than this. Even if it’s all in Swedish, if you love your folk metal you will love this. It feels like Fejd has taken a step more towards metal with each album and with Trolldom they have really hit that folk metal mix, and not just folk. If you want to experience true swedish folk metal I would say Fejd is the band to go for. I had the luck to see them live at Malmöfestivalen a few days ago and they make it become a real party out there. Both melancholy, due to their lyrics, but still real folk metal party like as if you want to dance like crazy.

Anyways, their live show aside, Trolldom is a really great album if you want to get into the folk side of metal. Even more so if you know Swedish and know what they sing about. If you don’t though these guys are still some very good musicians and will rock your socks off and you will, really will, headbang or even dance when listening to this album.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Fejdofficial
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Fejdofficial
For fans of: Månegarm and Otyg
Best song: Glöd
Score: 9/10


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