Ereb Altor – Blot – Ilt – Taut (Epic Viking/Black Metal)


Blot – Ilt – Taut is a different album from Ereb Alot as it is a tribute album to the band they admire and are heavily influenced by, Bathory. Ereb Altor puts out some very powerful hymns that will be sure to reach Quorthon in Valhalla, Bathory couldn’t have hoped for a better tribute. Ereb Altor’s epic viking black metal mix which sings tales about Norse Mythology and fantasy (as their name Ereb Altor, a supplement to the Swedish fantasy role-playing game Drakar och Demoner implies) is very unique and something everyone should experience. There is not a single track on this album I dislike and listening to it from start to finish is a pure joy. This is the first album I’ve reviewed were I had a really hard time chosing a favorite song, that’s how good it is.

Fun fact, Blot – Ilt – Taut means Blood Fire Death in old Swedish, which is not only a track on the album but also the title of the now legendary Bathory album released in 1988.

As you can tell I am a big Ereb Altor, and Bathory, fan and Blot – Ilt – Taut brings out the best of Ereb Altor. This is a masterpiece you definitely should not miss, even more so if you like Norse Mythology.

For fans of: Bathory and Isole
Best song: Woman of Dark Desires
Score: 10/10

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