Illdisposed – Grey Sky over Black Town (Melodic Death/Groove Metal)


Danish Illdisposed have been around for quite awhile, beeing one of the bands that put Danish metal on the map in the early 90’s. During their active time they’ve released a staggering 13 studio albums, with Grey Sky over Black Town being their latest release and they’ve never had a longer wait than three years for an album to come out. That in itself is some very good numbers and productivity.

Illdisposed are just as raw as ever on Grey Sky over Black Town but with that melodic and groovy touch. I Tried to Live is one of the best songs they’ve ever made and the melodical solo that starts at around two minutes is just pure greatness. You can tell Illdisposed are veterans who have in many ways mastered the melodic death genre. It’s a very versatile album, some songs going more towards the melodic side and some more groovy death, that you can listen to over and over.

If you for some reason haven’t heard Illdisposed before, or is a diehard fan, then Grey Sky over Black Town is the perfect way to start listening to them!

For fans of: Kataklysm and Hatesphere
Best song: I Tried to Live
Score: 9/10


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