Black Crown Initiate – Selves We Cannot Forgive (Progressive Death Metal)


I started listening to Black Crown Initiate just about a year ago and thought they had a solid debut album, so I’ve really been looking forward to Selves We Cannot Forgive. Their Progressive Death Metal brings me to think of major metal bands such as Opeth and Gojira. In some ways I think Black Crown Initiate even does it better than their peers. With songs like Again having great guitar and bass solos, really bringing out the progressive Opeth side of the album then Belie the Machine starting off funky just to go very technical and raw like the very best of Gojira.

Black Crown Initiate has once again impressed me and I can see them headlining venues and festivals, going toe to toe with the metal giants, very soon.

For fans of: Gojira and Opeth
Best song: Belie the Machine
Score: 9/10

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