Svarttjern – Dødsskrik (Black Metal)


Starting off with an epic intro, that would make even Dimmu Borgir proud, leading to the track All Hail Satan you know this album is some evil satanic black metal that hails from Norway. Svarttjern do stick out a bit with from your average Norwegian black metal band as they don’t sound as “dirty” as, for example, Tsjuder but offers more groovy and melodic riffs. That being said they do deliver the raw dark black metal with lyrics about anti-religion and hate that your looking for but with a touch of something new. Svarttjern even brings in some songs in their mothertounge, Norwegian, which we all know is an evil language!

Svarttjern can be really proud of this album. It’s a masterpiece in black metal that keeps the core that is black metal but brings in some new fresh sounds that I think the scene needs. Even if your a black metal fan or not you need this album in your collection.

For fans of: Ragnarok and 1349
Best song: Blessed Flesh
Score: 9/10


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