Interment – Scent of the Buried (Death Metal)

Old school Swedish death metal band Interment is finally back with another full-length album! Scent of the Buried being only the second full-length album the band have released since they formed in 1990. Being veterans of the scene the expectations are high and Interment sure does live up to those. Full throttle from the start to finish, evil deadly lyrics together with riffs that will crush your skull from all the headbanging. There is not a single song on this album I would call bad or average and with tracks like Death and Decay or the guitar solo from Unholy Upheaval Interment are putting out a statement that they are back in full force.

With Scent of the Buried Interment delivers just what you expect from them, high quality morbid old school Swedish death metal that lasts.

For fans of: Grave and God Macabre
Best song: Death and Decay
Score: 8/10

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