For I Am King – Daemons (Melodic Death Metal)


The Dutch outfit is fronted by a furious female singer that instantly makes you think of great female fronted bands like Arch Enemy and The Agonist. Daemons starts off great with some sweet guitar riffs and growling on Black Death. They never let it slow down from there, as from start to finish the album Daemons keeps you headbanging with their drum grooves, growling and riffs as every single part of this band is solid. They are simply put just broadcasting some insanely well made metal. Maybe they should even change name to For I Am Queen as their singer, Alma Alizadeh, may just become a queen of metal.

Do yourself a favour and buy this album. You owe it to yourself to be a part of the start of something great in the making that will leave the metal world in it’s wake.

For fans of: Arch Enemy and The Agonist
Best song: Hades (but to be honest they are all great)
Score: 9/10


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